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The Essential Eyes Set includes: 9 Piece EYE BRUSH SET TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH: Soften and blend harsh color lines. (Natural Goat Hair) EYE SHADING BRUSH: Evenly apply color across the entire lid with the ability to blend. (Natural Goat Hair) LARGE SHADER BRUSH: Oval shader brush quickly covers the lid in color. (Natural Mixed Pony Hair) SMALL ANGLED LINER/BROW BRUSH: Gently fill in brows with pomade or powder for a more define brow. (Synthetic Hair Fibers) PENCIL BRUSH: Soften liner along the lash line or carve out a cut crease. (Synthetic Hair Fibers) BLENDING BRUSH: Prefect to use as a transition brush to blend color f rom crease. (Natural Black Goat Hair) EYE LINER BRUSH: Define the eyes with gel or liquid liner and perfect to create a thicker cat eye wing. (Synthetic Hair Fibers) SMALL DETAIL PENCIL BRUSH: Detail pencil brush perfect to apply or blend color on the lash line or crease. (Natural Goat Hair) SMALL CONCEALER BRUSH: Dense flat oval brush, perfect to clean brows or conceal blemishes. (Synthetic Hair Fibers)


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